3 Insane Adventures in Otztal Austria you don’t want to miss (+ 1…

Are you an outdoor lover and adventure traveler seeking the next big thrill?

Look no further than the Otztal Valley in the Tirol region of Austria.

From via ferattas to canyoning, getting shot out of a canon to crazy water slides, and down hill mountain biking to freaky high ropes courses, it has something for all brave hearted travelers.

I hadn’t had such thrilling adventures in a very long time.

My body was bruised and sore after each one, but it felt so good to be pushing my body and courage boundaries to new limits. I’d go back to this region in a heartbeat, hopefully with my thrill seeking brave daughter with me!

On top of the Austrian Alps, Solden
Scooping up the snow before we go

This is what travel is about – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to try new things, feel alive, and create memories that stand out above all the rest.

It was my first time to Austria and I was left wondering why it took me so long to visit.

I toured Western Europe in a mini van 20 years ago with my girlfriends. Austria wasn’t even on my horizon, instead it was the fun and festivities of destinations closer to the ocean.

But now, my heart and soul longs more for the mountains and alpine living.

It’s a dominating landscape that grabs your attention and reaches into your core to bring out strength, longevity and connection.

And adventure!

I visited Austria for the Social Travel Summit held in Kitzbuhel. I spoke on a panel called Standing out in a Digital Landscape. After it, I had the pleasure of joining a hosted tour to the Otztal Valley region for three nights with a group of seven other travel bloggers. We had a blast together and I’m so glad our group dynamic was positive and fun.

So if you want an adventurous time in Austria, I highly recommend the following adventure activities in Otztal, Tirol.

1. E-biking to Piburger See Lake

Piburger See Lake Otztal Austria

I want an e-bike, especially if I’m doing any uphill riding.

In case you didn’t know an e-bike is an electric bike. It does not do all the work for you, it still requires peddling and a little puffing, but it makes getting up steep Austrian mountains pretty easy.

Make friends with the Turbo Boost!

E-biking Piburger See Lake Otztal Austria
The bike trail
Piburger See Lake from above Otztal Austria
Views of Piburger See Lake from above

It was a lovely gentle transition from the busy crazy fun of the STS conference to the crazy adventures in Otztal we had after this one.

We rode up the mountain to pretty views over Piburger See Lake and then down to the lake for some photos.

The water is meant to get to around 24 degree Celsius in the summer. It would be a magical place to do stand up paddle boarding.

Piburger See Lake is also a 30 minute walk from the town of Oetz.

2. Area 47, an extreme water park

waterslides at Area 47, Otztal Austria (2)

Area 47 in Otztal is actually several adventure activities rolled in one. I had a ball here.

At first I was worried about being here when the outside temperature was around 15 degrees! But, with our thick wetsuits we barely even noticed it. The water was actually quite refreshing and we were having way too much fun to care.

You can read all about the various activities you can do at Area 47 in this post I wrote completely dedicated to its epicness.

It’s the Disneyland for adult thrill seekers and water adventurers with climbing walls, slacklines, catapults, jumps and crazy waterslides.

You know you’ve had a great time when you end up with a bruise the entire length of your back right thigh.

Man was that a story to tell shooting down a steep waterslide doing 80km/hr to be hurtled up in the air and come crashing down side belly flop style into the water. I wasn’t expecting that when I volunteered to go first before all the slightly nervous young ones!

There’s also white water rafting, wake boarding, zip lining and very scary high ropes courses.

I so want to return here. It’s not to be missed when you visit the Tirol region in Austria.

Here’s a video with more: